Female marathon or the way to reach your goals

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Враження дня. Соціальна англійська

Сьогодні дуже класно пройшов урок соціальної англійської від САМОПОМОЧІ в бібліотеці з дітками 1-3 клас! Дітки молодці! Нас знімали Львів ТБ http://www.lviv-tv.com/index.php/component/jevents/icalrepeat.detail/2013/11/29/78/21/novyny-29-11-2013.html?Itemid=1

Думала передавати їх 50-тирічній тітці. Не віддам! Вона ж не буде з ними бавитися твістер і комп’ютерні ігри, розповідати як страшно живуть діти в Африці… Давати їм сюрпризи наклеєчки чи метелики з якихось відкриток..

Не віддам!

Похвалила дівчинку на минулому занятті – “Анастасія, дякую, що сказала, що я молодець!” і обійняла мене. А інша дівчинка завжди “Пані Анастасія! А я молодець?” Дівчатка мені завжди цукерки дають, хоча я їх не їм, але ж це так приємно!

Я зрозуміла, що я їх люблю! Особливо, коли Юля сказала “І ти хочеш їх віддавати? Вони вже звикли до тебе”
Праця таки дає свої плоди! Бували дні, я думала, що з мене нікудишній вчитель…
На позаминулому занятті, тобто після заняття, дівчатка намалювали мене


схожа, правда ж?:)

Не віддам їх!
Тепер можна думати як вкласти у їхні чарвні голівки англійську та інколи вплинути на формування світогляду

Day… actually is 21st but the 5th post

I’ve saved this draft 3 weeks ago. Just found it now. Enjoy reading!;)

Hello-hello! I’m back here with you! I’ve got sick of translating so I decided to make a post here and another post in LJ. Read my previous post http://nastasime.livejournal.com/1885.html in Ukrainian.

I feel I’m getting closer to my aims

The Daily Records

Went to bed yesterday: before midnight and the day before yesterday around midnight Woke up today: as usual around 8 am

What I ate today: 1) breakfast – as usual cereals with 2 pieces of bread & butter with apricot jam. I feel sick of it already. should come up with sth new.

2) lunch – 2 days before I had this colourful pasta with raw cabbage and a tomato an a boiled egg. Delicious! Also I ate some cookies with seeds and salty and drank yogurt apricot-peach.

My mood by the 10 grades scale: I’d say moderate today, not so much emotions – 4-5 points

It appears that I still have to do the second task “Throw away everything that is  – broken – out of use – reminds of hard times – and all the old stuff Clean – the wardrobe – the bag – cosmetics – books – computer. Report on how I felt when doing it and after it” Yesterday evening was without internet so I decided to do some cleaning. I went to my table and collected everything that is connected to my ex-boyfriend (relationships with him were awful). I’m not sure whether I want to throw it all away. I like keeping memories and I hope that when time passes the bed feelings will just go away. So far I’ve collected diary (from the time of our struggles and fights) and some pictures of us and put it together with other unnecessary papers, it’s still in my home. Also I’ve thrown away some other rubbish and collected things that I want to keep in my Youth club. Felt a bit relieved – not everything’s away yet.

What about my goals   1) earn 3000 uah a month

a) a girl I know wants me to teach one of her students because she’s leaving for a month. She promises 50 uah an hour (or a lesson).

b) going to send a resume to an IT company (I tried doing ti today but it won’t recognize the type of the file)

c) on Tuesday I did some promoting – should get 30 uah and some more job for the weekend 25 uah an hour

2) managing my time on the weekend I watched a video on time management where a guy says to write only very few and the most important goals  of the day as well as of the month and of the weeks. Seems like it’s working better. And still using Google calendar

3) find my own method/way of teaching English delivered a lesson of corporate English to the intermediate group on Monday. Read some pieces of articles and noted down some pieces of ideas

4) develop a project of Andy (“My English  Couch”)  Finally a progress here!!! Today I added in skype some people from IT companies. Chatted with two of them and one even got interested. I’ll have to write him an email with more details. Hurrah!!

5) 3 courses on https://www.coursera.org/I’ve watched a video on Social Psychology course. Almost nothing…

6)  go to bed 11-11:30  last night and the night before I went to bed before midnight

Summary of the day, some insights: Today I was at a training on the models of balance (sth like that). It was by a psychologist and made me think on the way I’ve been living the last month. He uses a model kind of square with 4 rounds on the corners to show different parts of life, our energy. These are inner world, contacts, activities and body. As you can see it reminds a helicopter view table.

on the left - how it should be used (20-30% for each part). on the right how I use it

on the left – how it should be used (20-30% for each part). on the right – how I use it

When one leg is longer it cannot be stable and you cannot put anything on it. I found that most of my life energy takes activities part and the least is inner world. This isn’t normal. If I don’t put anything under the shortest leg, my table is going to fall down, a forced reboot will happen, like depression or going into myself… I don’t want this! But I’m on the edge! I’ve heard there an interesting option – go somewhere for some time – mountains, another town/city. I thought about going to my home town where there’s no internet. Just download some light movies and anime and take a book or two and stay there doing nothing for a day or two. Maybe next weekend. Seems like I’m moving, getting closer to my aims. But it’s already 30 min after midnight… Going  to bed now and finish the post tomorrow

some thoughts and impressions

It is so hard not to say something to my brother when you brain inside shouts “It’s not right! It shouldn’t be so! Where the is he?! Why isn’t he home now doing something around the house?! He knows I’m very busy! Working almost 12 h a day! Why won’t he help me?!! At least do what is his duty like change the bedding of the mice?!” Learning to be a good sister… I feel he literally hates me sometimes when I start reproaching him. I can’t say that I like it but it’s so fucking hard to resist reproaching!.. I know he’s different personality from what I am but I’m looking thru my world glasses, from my perspective. “What is right for me is not always right for the other person.” I know it all, but how should I make him care more about our home? It’s become so uncomfortable to live in… We have to change something in it instead of running away..

I can’t resist saying something to him when he comes home drunk or stoned! It’s against what is right for me. And again here it is “right for me”. Ahh! Should I just leave him alone?

Tonight I’m going to try to share the duties about the house. Write everything on the paper, make a deal who has to do what and when. Hopefully it’ll work!

Day… supposed to be 2

Well, hello there again! I’m back! And ready to report on my goals! I have an excuse for being absent for 3, max 4 days – I was translating this blog into http://nastasime.livejournal.com/, into Ukrainian for my non-English speaking friends and for LJ users.

The Daily Records

Went to bed yesterday: almost 2 am (started writing a post here but I can’t find the draft.. pity but oh well)

Woke up today: 8:30

What I ate today: 1) breakfast – omelette with cheese and yesterday’s fried&stewed vegetables 2) lunch – drank apple-carrot juice eating cookies with lots of seeds and without sugar, and before, I remember now, I did eat 1,5 sweet cookies with some green tea ( the matter is I’m trying to avoid sugar because I’ve got problems with my teeth – they’re sensitive and they’ve got caries. You better watch me guys – there’s too much seduction I can’t resist!) 3) dinner –  multi-colour and multi-taste pasta spirals (is it fusilli?)  with the remains of yesterday’s fried&stewed vegetables

What I wore today: At home I wear worm socks from different pairs but both with colourful stripes, than black sports pants with pockets and on the top dark blue long sleeves T-shirt with a black zipper sports pullover over it and a bright yellow scarf around my neck. Today I went out so I wore blue&pink striped socks, brown tight jeans, black golf and a dark green kangaroo pullover with a deep cutout, very hip-hop one . On my feet I had  kind of black sandals that I like very much cuz they’re quite comfortable and closed and open at the same time, just enough to see my bright socks. I also wore a black thin coat that fits me quite well (so I think) and again my favourite bright scarf around my neck

My mood by the 10 grades scale: I’d say moderate today, not so much emotions – 4-5 points

What I did today for myself:  oh, quite a lot for the last few days – staying in bad most of the time, watching some series ( “New Girl”,  anime “Anne of Green Gables” ) trying to get some rest and get over the cold I caught this Tuesday, reading some “Alice through the Looking-glass” by L. Carroll, watching a TED talks about a female teacher whose father was a gang leader in Los-Angeles and now she has created her own school http://www.ted.com/talks/pearl_arredondo_my_story_from_gangland_daughter_to_star_teacher.html. She’s cool! I have to talk to her and tell her about my dream-school! Her speech inspired me a lot and even motivated to write this blog post.

10 gratitudes for to-day

1) Thanks to my NGO for giving me an opportunity to take part in the great training on conflict management

2) Thanks to our trainer – a great woman, her name’s Christine as far as I remember

3) Thanks to Ukrainian Catholic University for bringing Christine over here

4) Thank to  Pearl Aredodno for inspiring me, for reassuring me that I’m on the right way

5) thanks to my NGO again for giving  me more chances to make my dream come true

6) thanks to Eva for her warmth and her beauty

7) Thanks to my friend Yulia. I love you girl! Even if sometimes you’re impossible but so am I:)

8)  thanks to the all mighty Internet, I mean to its creators that I can write those things for you to read and comment. And special thanks to Google for all the opportunities it provides. I can’t imagine my life without it now… (OMG what’ve I become in 1,5 years…)

9)  thanks to “someone” for commenting on my very first blog-post (I wonder who’s that?)

10) thanks to all of my English teachers the good ones as well as to the not so good ones. Because of all of them I’m here able to write  all this stuff in decent English and sometimes even using some smart words

Nobody has given me a new task so I just go to my goals finally

1) earn 3000 uah a month a) I excepted a job offer from a language school http://greenforest.com.ua/, my dream job for more than 3 years so far. Wish me a good luck on the interview!:)

b) I’ve got some money (around 28 EU) from the state my official job that has officially started but in fact starts in 2 weeks

c) a friend of a friend wants me to give her some private lessons

In total: 2 new opportunities and 295 uah

2) managing my time I wrote a to-do list for September and for this week and for Monday and for Tuesday (Didn’t do it for the sick days – yesterday and today) and I’m writing down all the events I want to or I have to visit in Google calendar.

3) find my own method/way of teaching English a) I’ve  read some articles on Teaching English British council

b) noted down some ideas

c) found very interesting webpages on education in general (http://www.edutopia.org/ and other) as well as on teaching English (can’t remember now). I have bookmarked them all in my Chrome browser

d) I’ve read some pieces of blogs (unfortunately they all are on blogspot , should get an account there as well) recently I’m reading mostly on class management – the games to play, the things to talk about on the first lessons with new groups. I should start a promised course of corporate English but still not feeling confident, ready to it. I’m a chicken!

4) develop a project of Andy (“My English  Couch” letting down the people.. I wrote 1 trial email to a small local IT company last week. No reply so far. I guess I should write it in Ukrainian as well. Gonna do this before sleep, I promise!

5) courses on https://www.coursera.org/:  so far I’ve watched all the video lectures in Social Psychology from week 1 and a couple from week 2 (now it’s week 4 there). There are 7 more courses awaiting – 3 of them on teaching (quite boring and outdated), 2 other have  begun last week (“Microeconomics principles” – the prof says economics is not only about money; “how to reason and argue” – can’t really remember what’s that one about, probably gonna un-enroll) , 2 more just started this week (“Creativity, Innovation and Change”; “Foundations of business strategy”-probably gonna un-enroll as well). Ok, let’s be realistic – I’m not going to make it. I think 3 courses in total should be just enough for my tight schedule and so far quite poor time managing skills: 1 certificate, 1 – all assignments done and 1 – all the video lectures watched.

6)  go to bed 11-11:30 once I did go to bad before midnight. But I didn’t record it… And yesterday and today it’s late again and I have to get up at 8 am.. I thought I’m sick I don’t have to get early and go somewhere so I can stay awake for an hour more.. But I still have to go to bad earlier! Tomorrow (which is today already) I’m going to fall asleep at 11:30 no matter what!

go and do  7. Make business cards for my In Lime club 8. Make ad posters to invite  foreigners from hostels – no use currently. I decided not to hold the meetings at least in September. I have to get used to my tight schedule

9. Buy a swimming suit and some underwear. I went to Auchan last Saturday and got there some underwear. It’s gray and plain! maybe this Saturday or Sunday I’ll buy sth pretty

Summary of the day(s): the day was ok. Yesterday was more productive about the urgent things.

Seems like I’m letting down my workmate from the NGO. We are supposed to start a project “Social English” next week but I’ve signed up to be a volunteer at a Literature festival and guide a German lady, a Polish-German translator. The events that I have to guide her to leave me no time for the English.. I don’t know what to do. There’s only 1 day when I can fit in social English and I’m not sure whether the room keepers can fit me in that time.. And this German lady is my chance to practice my German which is in my 70 wishes list and it’s going to be one of my next big goals…

A very dear friend of mine is feeling depressed and I don’t know what I can do about it because it’s the eternal existential question that doesn’t let him be happy  “who am I?” For me it’s all clear. But for him everything is so complex… I can’t just tell him “you are this” or “you are that”, even if I’m sure about it.  He won’t accept it before the time comes.  I want him to be happy but maybe he doesn’t really want it…  

Brief summary: conflicts are good, it’s a sign of our diversity, we can learn from them and problems won’t go when we just shut our eyes hoping it will pass – that’s what I’ve learned on the workshop. And watching Pearl Arredondo gave me so much inspiration and a kind of kick in the ass. Still not sure about the corporate English tomorrow.

That’s all folks! I’ll see you soon!;)

Please subscribe, comment and give me a kick in the ass!

Thank you for reading it all!

Day 1

The 2nd task was to get rid of all the unnecessary things and write about my feelings when doing it.

Actually I’ve started the 1st day already on Monday, I guess, I feel like I did. I’ve had the list of 67 out 100 wishes done already on Saturday.

1) On Sunday I’ve started the 2nd task  – cleaning home. On Monday I did the kitchen: cleaned out the drawers and shelves,  threw away lots of unnecessary leads and plastic boxes, sorted out the spices and cereals so that I can easier reach them when needed.

I felt enthusiastic and it was kind of strange – didn’t expect this feeling. After finishing it I felt proud of myself and satisfied, almost – there’s a fridge left (inside &  out- , especially top of the fridge is full of dust), actually all the cupboards tops have to be cleaned (now I’m talking about the kitchen only). So this was part a of  the task 2

2) I’ve started my working week with a day plan and did around 90% of the tasks set for the day.

3) In my  list of “just go & do”  things nr. 3  is a “wish” to sell mantis sticks (these are insects looking very much alike tree sticks)  and there was also a wish to sell mice (we (me & my bro) had 14 of them, 9 kids) . So on Sunday I dropped into a pet shop and asked about selling them mice , the shop assistant took my number and called me on Tuesday to get the mice. I’ve sent my bro to bring him the mice and he’s payed 90 UAH for 6 mice (hurrah!!!:))

4) There may be some more “miracles” but I haven’t noticed them yet:)

Now I’m going to write some things about today.

The Daily Records:

Went to bed yesterday: almost 2 am (just like the day before) I was editing the first blog post and didn’t expect it to take so much time (it took me more than 1 h)

Woke up today: 1st time before 7am because of my kitty Eva, felt asleep and got up at 9:30 am

What I ate today: 1) my favourite breakfast cereals (oats, wheat, rye, corn etc.) cooked with milk and 3 slices of  break with apricot jam made by my dad with mint inside (delicious thing it is – apricot jam with mint, it was my idea:); 2) lunch: sandwiches buttered & with cheese and bread with fried egg (warmed up in a microwave bread becomes like rubber, luckily I had tea); 3) came home at 8 pm and didn’t eat anything yet (11:30 pm) Hope to have some buckwheat

What I wore today: I’ll post photos later (tomorrow)

 My mood by the 10 grades scale: morning  5-4, afternoon 7-8 (some socializing, and completing quite difficult task), evening 4-5 (feeling quite tired & hungry but enthusiastic about the marathon)

What I did today for myself: a tough question… Probably just read a book “Alice through the Looking Glass”) in a tram on the way back home – that’s what I did to please my soul)

10 gratitudes for to day:

1)  thanks to Eva (my kitty) for greeting me and purring on my shoulders when I come back home

2) thanks to Olga Valyaeva http://www.valyaeva.ru/ for starting this marathon

3) thanks to my dear bro for doing my orders and helping me

4) thanks to my mom for leaving us alone, I mean finally letting become independent and face the reality (she’s left to Germany in May – got married there) though it’s tough sometimes but that’s an adult life

5) thanks to my parents for creating me and for making me what I am, and caring of me, and creating a brother for me (he’s 21 by the way and I’m 23 – for those who don’t know)

6) thanks to “Samopomich” (a local NGO where I do internship) for giving me a chance to implement my ideas, for the opportunities it gives, opens up for me. I guess here I should say special thanks to our current city mayor Andriy Sadovyi  for creating the NGO and to our current NGO leader Natalia Mihnova for leading us.

7) thanks to my great colleagues, especially guys for their dirty jokes – it’s so much fun listening to their crazy and dirty stories that sound ridiculous considering that they are heads of the departments. Girls are also fun but a different kind of it

9) thanks to all the people that appear in my life – they come up with interesting ideas that I use, they inspire me, give me energy to go on doing what I do

10)finally I’m thankful to my Faith (some may call it God) for giving me everything what I have. I consider myself to be very lucky piece of thing:)

Brief summary of the day: I’m very pleased with myself for passing the challenge – I had to translate A4 sheet in 1h and  fill in a form half English-half strange German (it was a request for help in the NGO). I wrote this post but didn’t really do all the other tasks. Writing this blog post took me more than 3 hours (I should plan it tomorrow).  Now I feel humming in my head – have to go to sleep now..

That’s all folks for today!;)

Start of the marathon

My name is Anastassia and I take part in the “Marathon of Femininity” http://marafon.valyaeva.ru/o-marafone/

I decided to do it in English in order to improve my English writing skills.

So this marathon is about reaching your goals but in a feminine way. 6 goals for 3 months as long as this is the duration of the marathon.  Everyday by 11:59 pm (my time-zone) I have to write here the report on what has been done to reach my goals. Even if nothing was done I still have to report it. First of all I had to write down 100 wishes of mine (so far I have around 65). Moreover I’m going to receive tasks from the founder of the marathon that I’ll have to do and report on them as well.

So the 1st task is to write my expectations from the marathon. First of all I expect to reach my goals with the help of this marathon and besides I want to set my life, my time, maybe even find myself

The 2nd task is to tell why I have chosen these 6 goals. I decided to add the ways I see for reaching these goals as well because I can see them and writing them down will help me to succeed in reaching my goals.

1) earn at least 3000 UAH per month (300 EU is an average salary in Lviv) to become more (financially) independent from relatives and being able to buy everyday things and go out from time to time. So far I can see these ways to reach this goal:

a) make origami and tell people that I can teach it for money)

b) corporate English in my NGO (when the project develops, they’re going pay me some little money)

c) do freelance translations (Odesk, Elance)

d) job in the Youth center (75 EU/months for 15h/week)

e) developing Andy’s project

f) having some private lessons and/or some small jobs from time to time

2) learn time management, actually practice it in order not to waste my life energy in vain. Recently I have lots of things to do like managing my English speaking club, doing internship in an NGO (Samopomich), working in a Youth center (starting soon), trying to do on-line courses on different topics, promise to help to develop business of an American teacher of English etc. and I feel like I’m doing sth, I’m all the time in motion but it’s more like running round in circles with small steps forward

3) find my own method/way of teaching English, develop and improve it. I doubt that I’m able to do it in 2-3 months, probably it’s going to take about a year at least to find it and than 1 more year of developing it. But still I want to start working on it now, consciously. How I can reach it:

a) practice teaching: run a course of corporate English for my NGO;  run a course/club of social English (free English classes for children from vulnerable families – a project of my NGO); run an English club in a youth center (pretty much the same as social English but more hours); private lessons from time to time

b) watch tutorials on teaching & learning English from British council, BBC, read articles at “Busy Teacher”, author’s methods

c) jot down all the ideas coming to my head

4) develop a project of Andy (“My English  Couch”). This is a project of an American guy who’s been in Ukraine for a couple of years and has developed his own method of teaching English through conversations and readings.  Here I have to find companies in need of an English native speaking  teacher and sell them this native. Andy’s training them via skype and sends here. He promises them  26 working h/week. This needs to be done until November. Seems like not really my goal but here I want to train my selling skills besides Andy  gladly shares his experience of teaching and gives some hints on the methods. To do this I have to call around 10 companies a day. The best way, probably, would be to take coffee breaks during working time in the NGO and go out or in the morning at home and also I can leave the office before 5 pm and go somewhere quiet to make calls

5) pass 3 courses on https://www.coursera.org/: get 1 certificate, 2 others – do all the assignments; 2 more courses – view all the lectures. There are so many interesting courses! How I wish I could do at least 5 courses a month !… I’ve chosen 3 topics to be of my special interest: psychology, actually human behavior; business and marketing (I want to develop my English speaking club, make other language  meetings apart from English; make a network of Asian shops; and the main goal is to open my own school based on innovative methods of teaching modern kids).

6) set, improve my mode of the day – I usually go to bed at around 1 am and wake up at 9-9:30 am. Too little time for dreams is left. So after 3 months I want that I usually go to bed 11-11:30 and wake up as I usually do or even earlier (7:30) to go to yoga classes. . What can I do about it? Start all the before-sleep-things 30 min before I want to fall sleeping in my bed. Some other insights, ideas on this goal I’m going to write in the next posts as well as on all the rest of my goals.

There also some things in my wish list that I just have to go and do (if some of the readers know how to say it better, please say!):

1.  Apply for Erasmus-Mundus

2. sterilize my cat

3. sell mantis sticks

4. buy some bike equipment: lights, mud fenders (am I right about the things that you stick to ur bike to protect from mud?),  light reflecting stripes

5. cure my teeth (I can ask for money from my dad or realtives or use some of my savings)

6. Go travelling: Vinnytsia; Chernihiv; Chernivtsi; Uzhgorod, Mukachevo; Ostrog

7. Make business cards for my In Lime club

8. Make ad posters to invite  foreigners from hostels

9. Buy a swimming suit and some underware

10. go to roundabout

So far that’s all for the first ever blog post in my life

P.S. Please comment on the the things I do as well as on the way I write everything in here (point out some spelling, grammar and stylistic mistakes). Thanks!

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